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We've been helping people solve their foundation, basement, crawl space, and waterproofing challenges for over 10 years.


Foundation Repair

Not all foundation and wall cracks are created equal. Some indicate normal settling, but others can signal a foundation problem.


Basement Waterproofing

Whether your basement has seeping water, mold, or cracks in the floor, we have a repair solution for you.


Crawl Space Solutions

We can fix your wet crawlspace with encapsulation, sump pump, and dehumidification solutions as we as addressing structural issues.

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For most homeowners, finding a crack in a wall, having water damage, or smelling a strong odor in their basement leaves them feeling uncertain about the severity of the problem and what to carry out next. That's why we offer a free, in-home, no-obligation inspection.

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Why Homeowners Choose RoperConstruction

  • Sound advice from foundation repair and basement waterproofing experts
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of the project so you know what to expect
  • Customer Satisfaction knowing the job was done right
  • Permanent and innovative solutions with a lifetime warranty on many repairs
  • Free, no obligation, final budget estimates

What People Are Saying

“Roper is a great company to deal with. The experience and knowledge combined make them a favorite for all foundation needs. Very reasonable rates and great employees!”

Josh Mcabern

“The guys at Roper are without a doubt one of the most honest and professional companies that I've worked with. Give them a call, you won't regret it!”

Thomas Bosely

Ready to solve your foundation, basement, or crawl space challenges?

Our foundation repair and basement waterproofing experts can help find a solution in just three easy steps. Here's how to begin.


Schedule a free home evaluation.


Meet with a certified foundation repair expert.


Enjoy a strong, dry, leak-proof basement or crawl space.

Shutters Mission Viejo

Shutters Mission Viejo

Shutters are one of the most different window coverings because they have withstood time to prove their functionality and effect on style. Shutters in Mission Viejo have just as much classification, which can change the theme and feel of your home.

The style, material, and shape of the shutter you choose can change the dynamic of a room because it covers a significant portion of the wall section. It is essential to be precise about the exact properties of the shutters instead of making a generic order from a substandard shopping store.

Five types of shutters available on South County Window Coverings

Real Wood

Plantation shutters in Mission Viejo CA have been an addition to homes for several generations. Natural plantation shutters are easy to maintain because they have minimal requirements in cleaning. You can wipe the screens with wet fabric without worry about damage by moisture. The material is strong enough to withstand pulls and suffering from heat due to the protective coating.

It is, therefore, essential to dispel the rumor that they are unfit for bathrooms and kitchens. The best Mission Viejo shutters work well in all room conditions if you employ the right maintenance schemes.

Poly shutters

These shutters have extreme durability and have very tough and durable material. They hold color for a long time and will, therefore, maintain the home’s value for as long as the life of the roof or other major house features.

Our poly shutters are affordable and slightly less expensive than real wood shutters, making them an affordable and worthwhile alternative. These shutters have high resistance against moisture; hence they work well in areas to prone moisture such as garages. Poly shutters have a durable material that resists warping and is therefore perfect in a home with young children and pets.

Faux wood blinds

These shades and blinds in Mission Viejo have a blend of vinyl and real wood, which gives it the combinative benefit of both materials. The virtues of faux wood include better affordability than real wood, improved appearance, and a better biological reaction to the environment.

Faux wood blinds have better resistance against moisture and heat, unlike wood, because they do not contain pure wood. Faux wood blinds are a good bet when you want to decorate more windows while reaping the benefits of both vinyl and wood.

Hunter Douglas

Eventually, you will not replace or repair these blinds like others; hence they will measure up to their value. They have enduring beauty and functionality. Their best feature is energy efficiency, smart home automation, and the ability to offer better light control and privacy.

Soft treatment

Soft window treatments are famous for the decorative features, as is evident with valances, curtains, drapes, and other hobbled styles. They have a wide variety of colors and offer the best finishing touch with different textures, patterns, and types of fabric.

Our range of flexible shutters for sale in Mission Viejo includes roman shades, stationery side panels, and operable drapery. We handpick the options from the best designers around the world; hence you have a guarantee of extended functionality and beauty. Check out our store for detailed descriptions of residential, commercial, or motorization window shutters in Mission Viejo before you buy shutters online in Mission Viejo.

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