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We've been helping people solve their foundation, basement, crawl space, and waterproofing challenges for over 10 years.


Foundation Repair

Not all foundation and wall cracks are created equal. Some indicate normal settling, but others can signal a foundation problem.


Basement Waterproofing

Whether your basement has seeping water, mold, or cracks in the floor, we have a repair solution for you.


Crawl Space Solutions

We can fix your wet crawlspace with encapsulation, sump pump, and dehumidification solutions as we as addressing structural issues.

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For most homeowners, finding a crack in a wall, having water damage, or smelling a strong odor in their basement leaves them feeling uncertain about the severity of the problem and what to carry out next. That's why we offer a free, in-home, no-obligation inspection.

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Why Homeowners Choose RoperConstruction

  • Sound advice from foundation repair and basement waterproofing experts
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of the project so you know what to expect
  • Customer Satisfaction knowing the job was done right
  • Permanent and innovative solutions with a lifetime warranty on many repairs
  • Free, no obligation, final budget estimates

What People Are Saying

“Roper is a great company to deal with. The experience and knowledge combined make them a favorite for all foundation needs. Very reasonable rates and great employees!”

Josh Mcabern

“The guys at Roper are without a doubt one of the most honest and professional companies that I've worked with. Give them a call, you won't regret it!”

Thomas Bosely

Ready to solve your foundation, basement, or crawl space challenges?

Our foundation repair and basement waterproofing experts can help find a solution in just three easy steps. Here's how to begin.


Schedule a free home evaluation.


Meet with a certified foundation repair expert.


Enjoy a strong, dry, leak-proof basement or crawl space.

Replacement Windows Overland Park
Article provided by: Cornerstone Home Improvements

Replacement Windows Overland Park

When considering replacement windows in Overland Park, make a phone call to our team at Cornerstone Home Improvements. We have an exceptional selection of energy-efficient windows to replace outdated or poorly performing windows in your home or business. Locals trust us for window replacements using the best materials obtainable, installed by our own in-house crews for 100% satisfaction at project completion.

Call us First

Before you call any other contractor or company to discuss replacement windows in Overland Park, consider our experience and reputation throughout the community. We have a long, successful history of exceeding the expectations of our clients, providing visually-appealing, highly-functional products that deliver a high return on investment. Whether you’re thinking about selling or merely want to enjoy your living spaces at a whole new level, replacement windows are an excellent way to get more value from a home improvement enterprise.

Lifetime Warranty Replacement Windows in Overland Park

We hear from clients every week who tell us they were lured into purchasing windows for their home or business that were supposed to save them money but instead, ended up needing to be replaced after only a few years. We don’t consider that kind of savings valuable. Instead, we carry and install top-quality, premium double paned, triple paned, and heat mirror thermal windows that come with a lifetime warranty. Select from vinyl, fiberglass, custom hardwood, composite, and extruded metal clad.

Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

Window replacement typically stems from one or more of four basic categories:

  • Energy Efficiency & Comfort- choosing multi-panel glass windows and the right frame can significantly improve energy efficiency in your building.
  • Upgrade of Appearance- for exceptional curb appeal, consider speaking with one of our window replacement specialists who can answer all of your questions.
  • Improved Function- replace windows that are not operating efficiently with new windows that are easy to open and clean.
  • Better Security & Noise Control- we are pleased to offer tempered and laminated glass windows that are difficult for intruders and storms to break.

Steer Clear of $189 Replacement Windows in Overland Park

You may have gotten a phone call or knock on your front door from a so-called “window expert” offering the deal of a lifetime replacement windows for $189. There are multiple reasons to avoid speaking with these less-than-reputable companies. Top on the list to look elsewhere is there are numerous hidden fees associated with companies that claim they can include all costs of product and labor in their $189 window. In the end, they fail to deliver on their promises.

No Hidden Fee Window Replacement

We have your budget in mind as well as ultimate visual and functional results when you call us for professional window replacement. You can learn more about Cornerstone Home Improvements and our company’s ethics by clicking the “About” link on our homepage. For more information on our installation process, explore our website’s resources or call a company expert from Cornerstone Home Improvements at 816-737-0601.

Replacement Windows Overland Park
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Replacement Windows Overland Park
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